PVC Series Doors

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Pvc Series DoorsPVC series doors, which can be produced with different color and pattern options, can be produced with or without glass. You can buy the same model with or without glass. You can contact us to learn the prices of these doors, whose prices vary depending on the model, ie the rate of workmanship.

PVC doors can be produced with panels or flat. You can also purchase a flat or mosaic patterned PVC door. PVC doors, which are very advantageous, will add a modern feel to your home. PVC doors with flat or glazed glass can be produced. We can also produce special size doors according to your request.

PVC doors are used in all living areas such as residences, workplaces, offices, and public buildings. PVC door systems are generally used as balcony doors, bathroom, and WC doors, and can also be used as room doors in interior environments. Even, thanks to the new lock systems developed in recent years and decorative plates resistant to impact, PVC door models have started to be used in exterior doors.

PVC doors, which are generally used as balcony doors, can be opened to the inside or can be produced as an opening to the outside where there is a space limit. PVC doors can be produced in white color depending on the architecture of the building and the interior environment, as well as laminated in golden oak, knotty oak, mahogany, cedar, and walnut patterns, which are described as wooden. In laminated options, the interior and exterior can be applied in different colors.

How to Care PVC Doors?

PVC door models are more resistant to external effects (such as sun rays, rain) compared to wooden or aluminum doors; their maintenance and cleaning are easier. Lubricating its accessories every 6 months is sufficient for PVC door systems to function properly for many years.

PVC door systems are very advantageous compared to their competitors in terms of thermal insulation. 20 mm – 24 mm – 32 mm glass applications can be applied to PVC door systems, and the thermal insulation can be increased by using sandwich panels. PVC door systems are more preferred than their competitors with these advantages.

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