Lacquered Doors

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What is Lacquer Door?

Lacquered doors are doors that are produced by modeling on CNC machines and covered with white color lacquer. The lacquers of these lacquered doors differ according to their layers. Compared to other interior door models, lacquered doors are a little more expensive.

Although there are many shapes and models, glazed models are mostly preferred lacquered. The doors, which are called polished doors and are usually white, are Lacquered doors. These gate models are used for interior doors.

How to Make a Lacquered Door?

The Lacquer Door is modeled on CNC machines; then it is polished by hand and takes its final appearance. These doors, which are machined and patterned on CNC machines, are produced with special workmanship. The production stage is very detailed.

The lacquered door is made of 6mm MDF surfaces. In the door manufacturing phase, first, a skeleton is formed from the trees for the door leaf frame and honeycomb cardboards are laid on this frame. Then MDF sheets adhere with the help of a press.

The Most Preferred Lacquered Door Models

The most preferred lacquered door models are the white lacquered doors. This is the white color; It is crowned with gold embroideries. Its dimensions are higher than normal doors and it is mostly preferred in magnificent decorations. Colorful lacquered doors can be preferred for modern-style decoration. However, only white embroidered lacquered doors should be preferred in Classical and Avant-garde decorations.

Lacquered doors, which are produced using hinge parts, have 2 different production techniques, with or without glass. Lacquered doors without glass are preferred more nowadays. Because any situation that may occur in them will also affect the door.

Lacquer door models have different types and patterns. Today, white lacquered interior door models are preferred the most. On our website, you can see white lacquered interior door models with many pattern options. It is a very high-quality product visually. It can be produced in desired brightness and mattress. Therefore, lacquer door models are among the most popular interior door models.

What Are the Advantages of Lacquer Doors?

Lacquer Door; They are interior doors with glossy or matt painted surfaces, where various patterns and models can be produced. Well; Lacquered doors are preferred in many homes due to their structure and features.

  • Impact resistant.
  • Its color does not fade over time.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Provides thermal insulation.
  • Provides sound insulation.
  • Using a 6mm MDF board increases its durability.
  • Each model can be glazed.
  • It can be modeled on its surface.
  • In CNC machines, pattern drawings can be made on the door surface.
  • It can also be used as a bathroom and WC lacquer door.
  • Easy to clean as the paint surface is smooth.

Cheapest Lacquer Door Prices

Lacquered door prices vary depending on the model, pattern, and whether the door is glazed or not. That’s why you can see different lacquer door prices on different websites. Lacquered doors produced with the experience of EVKAP are of very high quality and long-lasting. Call us for glossy lacquered door models, and CNC lacquered door models.

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