PVC Concept Doors

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Pvc Concept DoorsWe all know the term “PVC” and we know that it is used in the production of a wide variety of products. However, when we meet the concept of a PVC door, we are often confused. What is PVC Door? Why would I choose to buy a PVC door instead of an old-fashioned wooden door? When you learn more about what PVC is and the benefits of PVC over other materials, you will probably agree that it makes sense.

PVC concept doors are a durable type of door that can be produced in desired styles and models and can be in different colors. These doors, which have all the advantages of PVC door models, are a modern type of door that is very suitable for interiors.

PVC concept doors are special production doors and can be produced in different colors and designs upon your request. You can see PVC door models with different colors such as bamboo white, wenge white, gold walnut by viewing our website.

PVC doors provide thermal insulation and are therefore very advantageous. Compared to other door types, it is very affordable in price, so it is often preferred. It is very easy to clean and does not fade over time. Therefore, you can use modern PVC doors with peace of mind for many years.

Why PVC Concep Doors?

PVC Doors; After the patterns are engraved on MDF with a CNC machine, they are formed by covering with PVC surface. PVC material is vacuumed at high temperatures and adhered to the MDF surface. They do not contain any carcinogenic substances. It is resistant to water and heat. Since it has a stylish appearance, we can say that the most preferred door models are PVC doors.

PVC door models are manufactured in the desired size.

It allows manufacturing in many colors and models.

It can be used in all homes and offices with its water-proof and stain-proof structure.

General features of PVC doors;

  • PVC doors are easy to clean and maintenance-free.
  • Sound insulation is very good.
  • It can be used with aluminum and wood materials.
  • Apart from sound insulation, it also contributes to thermal insulation. Provides little fuel savings.
  • PVC doors contain chlorine. In this way, in possible fire situations, the non-flammable flame goes out automatically when it goes away.
  • It is highly resistant to moisture.
  • It does not swell and swells.