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Interior Door is a furniture used to make your house more stylish and modern. The interior door models that separate the rooms of the house from each other also separate the living areas from each other. Interior door models are produced in different colors, patterns, and designs, suitable for each home decor. Therefore, when we say interior door models, we think of many door models.

As a Turkish door producer, the interior door types we produce are quite large. At this point, you will come across many Turkish door prices. Because the material of each door model is different. At this point, PVC door prices, melamine door prices, lacquer door prices, and laminate door prices differ from each other.

As a wholesale door manufacturer, EVKAP offers a wide variety of door options to suit your budget. Contact us for durable interior door models suitable for every budget.

How Much is a Turkish door in Turkey?

Turkish door prices in Turkey change according to the door types. As EVKAP, we produce wood, laminate, composite, PVC, lacquer, panel, melamine, and MDF door models. Prices vary depending on the door's production material, coating and resistance.

Turkish interior door prices differ depending on the door models. Many types of doors come to mind when it comes to interior door prices. For example, lacquer door prices and PVC door prices are different. The reason for this is due to the materials used in door production. And to get detailed information about interior apartment door prices, it is sufficient to contact us with the product code.

What are Turkish doors made of?

Many materials can be used for Turkish interior door manufacturing. Interior door models are door types that emerge as a result of covering the wood with different surface coatings. Depending on the door models you prefer, PVC, lacquer, laminate, composite, melamine, and MDF materials are often used in Turkish doors. All these materials make the door more durable, durable and useful.

Doors are named after the material with which they are coated in production. This provides the formation of door types. Depending on the production material in the market, the Interior Door Models are as follows;

Are Turkish doors good?

Doors are indispensable furniture in living areas. Because it separates the rooms and offers people their own living spaces. Just as there cannot be a house without a kitchen, a room without a door cannot be imagined. Therefore, there are interior door models designed for every room. There are countless types of doors on the market, with or without glass, sliding, non-sliding, single or double-leaf doors.

As EVKAP, the interior door models we produce are suitable for humidity, water, and indoor conditions. The color of our doors does not fade over time and is long-lasting. Therefore, it has a minimum of 10 years of life.

The most stylish interior door models with different options and price ranges you can choose are waiting for you with EVKAP assurance.

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