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Lacquered doors, laminate doors, PVC doors, American room doors, MDF doors, melamine doors are offered to you in different varieties. Interior door models are produced to appeal to different tastes and different styles. Room door prices vary according to the coating type to be used in this context. You can review our website for different types of glazed interior door models, non-glazed interior door models, modern room doors, and the cheapest interior doors.

What are the interior door models?

Today, there are many door models. Door models are offered to you at different prices. Depending on the feature of the material used, the prices of wooden veneer doors vary.

Inner door models, respectively;

  • Lacquer door
  • Laminate door
  • Panel door
  • PVC coating door
  • Melamine Door
  • MDF Door
  • Composite Door

If you are researching modern room doors, Evkap is the right address for you. Because Evkap has been serving you with 65 years of experience. For example, glass interior doors and glassless interior doors are different in price. For example, lacquered doors are slightly more expensive than other doors because lacquer is among the expensive door models. However, it is quite high quality.

If you are looking for cheap door models, a panel door is a right choice for you. Because the American door is both durable and visually beautiful. It does not force your budget. PVC coating doors are used a lot today. Because PVC is a very durable material and is often used in coating works. Preferably, glass doors and glass doors can be manufactured.

At Evkap, we manufacture wholesale interior doors and we also manufacture doors for retail companies. We also manufacture custom-made and custom size doors upon request. Turkey's oldest and most experienced manufacturers of interior doors are producing doors opened to happiness for you.

You can find interior door designs in any color and model you want on our website. You can also review the 2020 door catalog by clicking the link.

How much does it cost to buy a new door?

The cost of buying new interior room doors varies depending on the feature of the door you will receive and the type of coating. As we mentioned above, lacquered doors are more expensive than American doors. These examples can be replicated between door models. All door models we produce as Evkap are quite high quality and durable. You can find door models for every budget and style on our website.

You can contact us to get detailed information about 2020 door models and prices. Best Interior Room Doors Manufacturer ın Turkey As Evkap, we offer you the latest technology, modern door models with our 65 years of experience. Our motto is to produce doors that open to happiness for your homes as Evkap.

Interior room doors, which are the most important part of home decoration, are delivered to you with the most beautiful Evkap guarantee. We manufacture the most modern and modern interior door by following the developments in the international sense.

If you are looking for a firm interior door manufacturer in Turkey, we are the best interior door manufacturer you can simply switch to communicate with Evkap.

It manufactures and sells at least 10000 doors per month, domestic and abroad. Evkap Istanbul is not only the best door manufacturer in Turkey.

Our product portfolio includes different models such as glass interior door models, glassless interior door models, 2020 door models, modern room doors, American doors, cheapest doors, lacquer interior door models.

Everything about the door is available on our website. Interior doors are our doors to the world. Interior room doors are delivered to you with the guarantee of Evkap.

What is the narrowest interior door size?

Standard interior room door size: 90cm x 210cm. (Living room, room, kitchen door size)

Narrowest interior door size: 70cm x 205cm. (WC door dimensions)

How should the interior door features be?

The features of interior doors are very important. Because doors are not always products that can be changed. That's why interior door features are very important. An interior room door;

  • It should be visually high quality.
  • It should be resistant to scratches and impacts.
  • So, It must be produced in different models.
  • It should be produced in different colors.
  • It must be resistant to moisture and water.
  • And, It should be long-lasting.
  • All interior room doors we produce as Evkap are quite high quality and durable.

If you are looking for a durable house door, Evkap is the right address for you. For more information, please contact us.

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