Melamine Doors

They are generally wood-patterned, healthy and useful doors. The surfaces of melamine doors are covered with post impregnated melamine paper or micro laminate. As a powerful complement to the halls, kitchens and rooms, there are many types and models of doors for people to choose the most suitable and stylish ones. Recently, the choice of melamine doors has increased considerably, especially in interior room models. Therefore, Turkey's best door manufacturer company for melamine doors can contact with Evkap. Today White melamine doors is the most fashionable one. You can see the color options in our websites.

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Melamine door panels

In melamine wood doors, safes are made of special materials. Door cases are not easily affected by impacts or external factors. The fact that the cases are adjustable makes installation easier.

Melamine doors are preferred for sound insulation. Melamine doors have a solid structure. The doors retain this feature thanks to the materials it contains. Melamine doors have beautiful and special models. Decoration in your home adds a very stylish air. Melamine door prices are economical compared to other doors.

Melamine door models are equipped with beautiful colors. In addition, glass model series are also produced. Melamine glazed doors are generally preferred in interior and company spaces. Melamine doors have a great place in interior decoration.

Melamine doors produced with materials called melamine door surface or melamine door panel are among the most preferred models with many color options and durability features. Melamines are not only used in the forest area. Wood patterns can be machined to metal cylinders in the same way. So different patterns may be required for the patterns. Then, special base papers are colored with the help of rollers. Then these decorative papers are pressed and fixed to the surface of the mdf.

There are so many advantages and features of melamine doors.

  • It is available in many melamine colors and designs. Therefore, many options can be selected compared to other products.
  • As it is easy to produce, it saves labor and time.
  • Easily cleaned with cleaning products. These products do not cause any problems on the surface.
  • It does not undergo any color change when exposed to heat and sunlight.
  • Sanding, polishing, paint, etc. operations are not used. This makes it very valuable for the manufacturer.
  • Highly resistant to scratches.
  • Water and moisture resistance is very high.
  • It can easily adapt to other decoration products depending on where it will be installed.

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