Lacquered Doors

Lacquered doors on the surface of various patterns and models can be removed and the surface of the doors are treated with glossy or matte paint. Lacquer doors are also known as furniture doors. These Lacquered doors are among the doors that put themselves at the forefront in terms of visuality and quality. Lake doors usage areas are doors that are used in many places today. It has the possibility of applying lacquered doors in all of your rooms as interior doors. These doors can be used in all areas from kitchen, living room, bedroom to your bathroom. They are the doors that you can use in a harmony without any model difference in all rooms thanks to the fact that they can be manufactured without glass. You can contact with Evkap for Lacquered door prices.

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Lacquered glass doors

The lacquered door is modeled on CNC machines and the white color in lacquers is the lacquered door and all white. The lacquer of these lacquer doors varies according to their layers. They are expensive compared to other doors. The cleaning of the  doors which are lacquered are the ones that really require care and they deform quickly against impacts. Although there are many shapes and models, glazed models are mostly used in lacquer doors.

When the door is lacquered, the first thing that comes to our mind is not the ready-made door, but the door made by hand or machine. The doors, which are called polished and are generally white in color, are Lake Door. These door models are used interior doors. Its cleaning is done by wiping it with a damp cloth. Since the lacquered door model and appearance is elegant, it should not be bumped and cleaned with powder detergent and chemical intensive detergents. If your door is lacquered door, it is the door that needs cleaning and wiping every month. You can find lacquered doors in the shop in the shop but the lacquered doors vary according to the quality of polishing processes, so you should look at the qualities of the polishing process when buying these doors.

Let's write the properties of lacquer doors in order. First of all, these doors are high quality hinges and are coated on white lacquer. Lacquered doors are produced with and without glass. It's the name of a door that's just polished. Although it is fabricated and pressed manufacturing, the polishing process is white and it is produced by making at least 2-3 layers of polishing process. If the quality of lacquered doors is to be ensured, the handles and hinge parts of this door should be resistant to oxidation.

These doors are really featured doors. Meticulous, who want majesty, want a rich appearance and quality of course you should use the lacquered door. Compared to other doors, these doors are of course decorative and elegant;

Lacquer doors should be cleaned with a damp cloth at least every 2-3 months. Lacquered door installation is also one of the quality doors that need to be paid attention with precision. All apartments and living spaces gain value with lacquered doors.

Lacquer doors have a smooth surface and are easy to clean. Never clean your lacquer doors with chemicals. And do not rub to remove stains on your door. As your door surface is painted and polished, you can damage the paint and varnish on the face and cause scars.

You can easily clean the door by wiping with a damp cloth to wipe your lacquer door and then dry it. If you want to clean your door better, add some colorless vinegar to your cleaning water and soak your cloth.

As mentioned above, lacquer doors are used in all interior spaces. Especially those who expect an aesthetic and rich stance should use lacquer doors in their living spaces. Lacquered doors quickly deform outdoors. Therefore, these doors are not used outdoors.

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