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The common problem with doors used in the home is that doors that come into contact with wet floors wear out very quickly. Composite door is the best technological door model that eliminates this problem. Nowadays, composite doors are preferred. When it comes to composite, it is resistant to even the weather conditions and even composite materials are used for exterior and exterior design purposes. As Evkap we have so many modern composite doors models. We all have a sense of cleanliness that comes from our culture, which is the very detailed cleaning of the apartments. Here too, it is inevitable that the doors are wet and deformed by moisture. Composite doors are the most preferred doors to prevent this. Nowadays, doors are changing very often and the doors which are robust are preferred. If you are looking for a robust door, a design door and a durable door, we recommend you to choose a composite door.
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Composite doors have many advantages. The most important of these are;

  • Composite doors are produced with MDF and chipboard.
  • The purpose of this process is to provide insulation by reducing noise.
  • In addition, moisture resistant doors are obtained.
  • Composite doors has modern
  • It is also fitted your house easily.
  • There are so many composite doors sytles in Evkap product portfolio.

In recent years, a new technology has been introduced for composite doors. This technology is called needle stitch door. With this technology, the joints between the doors are filled and the doors become resistant to high temperatures. Furthermore, in high temperature environments such as kitchens, doors will not be deformed and will be used for the first day quality for many years.

If you are looking for composite doors near me you can choose Evkap. With different types of composite doors and styles Evkap is proud to serve you.  We have best composite doors models in our products.

Composite doors are healthy in any field. Extremely resistant to moisture and moisture. Deformations caused by water are not seen in composite doors. B1 fireproof class. The composite door has all the visuals of wooden materials and is resistant to impacts. In addition, the composite door is safer than the uPVC door and prevents room temperature from escaping.

Composite doors are slightly more expensive than uPVC doors, but given the aforementioned features, it would be profitable to give the composite doors a little more money.

Composite doors are durable for at least 10 years. We guarantee you that you can use it for many years with good maintenance and cleaning. For more information about composite door prices, interior door prices and door types, please contact us.

  • As Evkap we are the best composite doors manuacturers in the industry.

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