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The most common door example in our country, which is the first in mass production, is the American door. Although the model and design is less, the most sold door is the American door. So why the American door? Fair price, quick supply and easy installation. Fabricated and mass production, these doors are also manufactured as lacquer lacquers. Although normal handles are used, knob handles which we call hotel lock are also frequently used in these doors. As Evkap we are expertly American door manufacturing for you as American Door company. Please contact us for more information bout american doors.
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There are so many advantages and features of American doors.

  • American doors are light doors.
  • It is produced with and without glass.
  • These doors are the most intense in our country manufacture and store sales and doors that we can find in all door stores.
  • Hinge parts, lock parts, handle parts are produced as standard and are made with familiar application and assembly.

Also known as American door panel and glassless door. They are generally white and lacquered doors. American door surface is MDF coated and standard fabricated. As we wrote in our other article, mdf, which is generally used in the panels of doors, is used in american doors.

One of the American door features is that it is affordable price. Easy to clean, does not moisturize. It does not deform quickly because it is lacquered and mdf sheets are present. Compared to press doors and veneer doors, the American door is lightweight and easy to carry. The polishes of these doors are made either manually or fabricated.

American doors, which are one of the interior doors; It is lacquered, lightweight and mass production compared to other doors. American door press is MDF door. One of the first features of these doors, the hotel is known as lock doors. Amerkan door installation is the same as memorization. These doors are also wooden doors, lacquered and can be re-painted and polished with sandpaper. As everyone knows, it is in the class of economic doors. They are cheap doors.

Amerkan door prices are almost half the difference compared to other special order doors. In mass housing and block-based housing, american doors are the most preferred doors. It is usually produced in white and also available in brown and cream colors.

The door is the element that increases the value of a house and interior. Door selections therefore vary according to tastes and costs.

American doors, also called wooden panel doors, have been used in our country for years and are always available in the same color, model and size. As for the types of usage areas, it is used as american doors in apartments, bathroom wc and closed panel doors in bedrooms.

It is used as glass tiled in places like kitchen, living room and living room. General use model in offices and workplaces is also preferred as panel and without glass. The installation of American doors is strong enough that you can use parts such as handles and locks for years. The preferred reason for these doors is that they are light and economical.

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